Meet Adam, Bruce & Their Daughter

Adam Toguchi took a few years to embrace the idea of having children with his partner Bruce Weatherford. But now that the couple have a daughter, Faith, Adam is a part-time stay-at-home father who loves his life.

“There’s never a dull—or quiet—moment,” Adam said about parenting. “Life is sweeter. We have experienced personal growth, and our capacity to love has expanded.”

Adam and Bruce started the parenting journey in 2010 by becoming foster parents to siblings in their hometown of Austin, Texas. Adam and Bruce had little time to prepare for the siblings’ arrival since this was an emergency placement.

“We were completely surprised and unprepared for this as we thought we would at least have a few weeks to prepare, but we were quite mistaken,” Adam said. “We did not even have appropriate beds at that time. An urgent Ikea run occurred shortly thereafter, and Bruce’s father was recruited to assemble furniture since we’re not that handy.”

The two children stayed with Adam and Bruce for almost two years but ultimately went to live with their grandparents in another state. Faith was ultimately Adam and Bruce’s final foster placement, arriving in February 2013.

Adam and Bruce officially adopted Faith last December. Adam said the biggest surprise about being a parent came in the realization that it is the most challenging thing he and Bruce have ever done—“and that we would love it so much.”

Parenting so far has meant fewer vacations and movies, and less time to hang out with friends and exercise. However, Adam said he and Bruce have benefited from the duties that come along with being a father.

“Being a parent has changed every aspect of our lives, from our careers to free time, or lack thereof, to vacations,” Adam said. “Pretty much everything we do is centered around the well-being of our family.  We’ve had to be a lot more grounded and rooted to create a safe, stable, nurturing environment for Faith.”

Adam said both his and Bruce’s families have been their biggest champions in raising their daughter.