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Deciding to build your family can feel scary and overwhelming. There are so many options to consider and questions to ask. Along the way, many of us have wished we could have asked other gay men who became fathers how they did it and what it was like. What lessons did they learn that might make someone else’s journey a little easier, or at least help them prepare for what was to come? Maybe you are the only one in your social circle who is choosing fatherhood and you are struggling to find someone to talk to? Through our mentor program, we strive to connect you with other gay men who are willing to share their experiences and insights in both becoming fathers and raising children. Our mentors are not meant to be considered experts in adoption, surrogacy or parenting, rather they can lend an ear and provide you with practical wisdom and support as someone who has walked in your shoes.

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Like never before, gay men are viewing fatherhood as a handsome prospect for their lives. They are jumping in feet first and making their dreams of fatherhood come true. Unfortunately, there are very few gay fathers around them to lean on for guidance and support. Without someone to turn to and ask questions, the whole experience can seem overwhelming and isolating. Even with technical expertise from trained professionals at their disposal, gay men may still feel like they are flying blind through the process of building their family or parenting their children. Plus, they may feel isolated from the gay community in new and unexpected ways. Now that you are a father, please consider how you might have benefitted (or did benefit) from having a mentor and apply to be someone’s mentor today. Don’t underestimate the important role you can play in providing practical and emotional support to our growing community of gay fathers.

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