Announcing The Handsome Father + City Dads Group

In 2013, we founded The Handsome Father because we believed that you can be who you are and be a great dad, and that every parent should feel supported in raising his family.

We know firsthand as gay dads that it can be extremely difficult to find other families like ours. Most of us are not going to find ourselves living a couple of doors down from another gay family or run into to each other at school or the supermarket. And as a dad who’s the primary caregiver, it can also be difficult to not get lost in a sea of moms. So, we realize the power of sharing experiences and having the support of other fathers who know exactly what your life is like.

This left us thinking of a way we could help gay, bi and trans dads find a community of support, not just online but also in real life, and we found the perfect partner—City Dads Group.

City Dads Group is one of the largest communities of dads in the country and the leader in helping modern dads socialize and support each other. Our two organizations share a passion for supporting dads who play an active role in their children’s lives and challenging stereotypes about fatherhood.

What makes City Dads Group the perfect partner for The Handsome Father is that they are committed to ensuring their in-person meet-up groups are welcoming and accepting of all fathers, including gay, bi and trans fathers.

Through our partnership with City Dads Group and their national network, gay, bi and trans fathers and fathers-to-be who want to connect locally to other modern dads for support and social activities can now do so in and around the these major metropolitan areas:

  • Albuquerque,
  • Atlanta,
  • Boston,
  • Chicago,
  • Columbus
  • Dallas,
  • Denver,
  • Detroit,
  • Indianapolis,
  • Las Vegas,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Madison,
  • New York,
  • Philadelphia,
  • Portland,
  • San Francisco, and
  • Louis.


The groups use the website Meetup to organize their events, which frequently include:

  • Group playdates (in public or private settings),
  • Outings to museums, parks and playgrounds,
  • Dads’ Nights Out (movies, sporting events, bars),
  • Educational workshops, and
  • Special events (family picnics, trips to ball games, sponsored fairs/events).

We will be working with City Dads Group to provide resources and guidance on how to ensure they are meeting the needs of their gay, bi and trans dad participants.

We are incredibly excited about this opportunity, as well as what lies ahead as we continue to redefine what it means to be a father together!

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