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in gay, bi and trans dads and dads-to-be. We believe that you can be who you are and be a father. And we believe that every father should be supported as he grows and nurtures his family. So we foster a community of support to connect, equip and inspire gay fathers and fathers-to-be.


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Gay, bi and trans men face a host of questions and issues when considering if they want to become fathers. We can help you make sense of the noise and answer the question, “Do I want to be a father?”


There’s a lot to consider when discovering your path to fatherhood—the one that’s right for you. How do you choose between foster care or public or private adoption? Should you use a surrogate? Or maybe an older kid is right for you? We explore all of your options.


Now that you’ve chosen your path to fatherhood, you can begin to learn about the process and the organizations that can help on your journey. We can also help you find a mentor—another gay dad who’s been in your shoes, knows the ropes and can help you prepare for the journey ahead.


What should I do while I wait for my child? We share practical and emotional ways to get through. And we can also share your profile and help you connect with your forever family.


Gay dads have to navigate stereotypes about fatherhood and masculinity, sometimes pioneering new ways of fathering and other times conforming to more traditional roles. We share information and stories to help you balance both and be the best dad you can be.


Every parent should feel supported. And sometimes you need to meet others like you—men who know what it’s like to be a gay dad. We help you find a community to support you as you raise your children.

We can help with every part of your journey

We meet you where you are on your fatherhood journey, helping you find the path that’s right for you and a community to support you along the way.

Meet the Dads

Read stories about gay, bi and trans fathers and fathers-to-be. Find a mentor who has been there, post your own profile, or meet other modern dads in your local area.

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Post your adoption profile and link to your agency and social media. Let us help you build your forever family....


Handsome Families
Meet the Handsome Fathers and learn more about who they are, how they created their families, and their lives as gay dads....


Find gay, bi, trans and ally dads in your area for support and family-friendly social activities with and without your kids....



For All Families

Find agencies and professionals committed to helping gay dads and dads-to-be, and all LGBT people and families.

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Find agencies and resources to help you learn about and pursue private and public adoption....


Foster Care
Find agencies and resources to help you learn about and pursue foster care and public adoption....


Find agencies and professionals that can help you have a biological child through surrogacy....